Great Replacement Theory…Collapsing America From Within

By Linda Goudsmit, December 24, 2023 and website:

Migrant trafficking is part of the coordinated, overarching globalist campaign to concentrate power and collapse America from within.

The majority of stock in the largest US airlines are owned/managed by globalist institutional investment firms, particularly the Big 3: Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street. 71.3% of Delta’s shares are owned by institutional investors. 60.03% of American Airline’s, 71.3% United Airlines, 82.3% Southwest Airlines, 79.2% Alaska Airlines, 74.6% JetBlue, 67.5% Spirit Airlines, 100% Frontier Airlines (parent Frontier Grp Holdings), 83.5% Allegiant, and 82.3% Hawaiian Airlines.


Loyal Delta Customer Boycotting Airline After Boarding Flight She Says Was Packed with Migrants

Michael Schwarz

December 20, 2023

At some point, even professional satirists can find no humor in President Joe Biden’s America.

In a series of posts to the social media platform X Monday evening and into Tuesday morning, Ashley St. Clair of the Babylon Bee documented what appeared to be a plane load of illegal immigrants receiving special treatment on her overnight Delta Air Lines flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to New York City.

St. Clair described her loyalty to the airline, including 200,000 miles flown this year. But she pledged never again to fly Delta until the airline revealed the extent of its complicity in migrant trafficking.

“You can consider me no longer a customer of Delta until they disclose how much $$$ from taxpayers they are willingly accepting to transport illegal migrants to cities that are overwhelmed,” St. Clair wrote on the social media platform X.

The Western Journal reached out to Delta for comment for this article but had received no response as of Wednesday afternoon. In a post published Tuesday, St. Clair wrote that Delta had not responded to her either.

Perhaps the most maddening development in this entire story occurred when St. Clair asked an airline official if, as it appeared, her flight did include illegal immigrants (the kind Democrats, the Biden administration and the establishment media like to call “asylum seekers.”)

“When I asked a Delta representative if this was the case, his response was ‘What does it matter, they’re humans too,’” St. Clair wrote, along with a 35-second video that showed, in her words, “a whole lotta migrants who are also boarding this flight that the U.S. taxpayers are paying for.”

A follow-up clip, posted two minutes later, showed the line of apparent illegal immigrants.

“Entire flight full of migrants being shipped from processing centers on @Delta. Are taxpayer dollars paying for this????” St. Clair wrote in an accompanying post.

After boarding the plane, St. Clair reported even more alarming developments.

“Migrant placed next to me in premium cabin still has bag from processing center. A majority of this flight is migrants bussed in from the processing center. Can @Delta please let all of their customers know what medical screenings are being done for these migrants illegally crossing our border from all over the world and being flown on their flights?” she tweeted along with a photo of the alleged migrant’s bag.

St. Clair then reported that she had documented a Delta representative following her out of the Sky Club.

“I had to get on a video call to have a witness to what was happening. Their rep even followed me down to another gate as I walked there to confirm they were in fact following me,” she tweeted.

Having boarded her flight, St. Clair’s outrage mounted.

“If you are having trouble feeding your family or paying your rent, just know the government is paying for illegal migrants to fly Delta premium and be bussed to a city near you,” she wrote.

At that point, her focus again shifted to the airline.

“Is Delta being directed to transport these migrants or are they willingly shipping illegal migrants to cities they know are crumbling for a paycheck from taxpayers?” she tweeted in part.

By then, her string of posts had garnered considerable attention on X.

“Good question,” X owner Elon Musk replied to St. Clair’s query about Delta’s complicity.

If this story has an encouraging element, it came from a passenger sitting behind St. Clair.

“Just landed back in NYC. Woman behind me on the flight stopped me and thanked me. Said she heard me on the phone saying I’m a mother and said she would be reaching out to Delta as well and that she worries about her daughter with the current state of the country. Courage is contagious & I hope more speak out. This is insanity,” St. Clair tweeted.

In case anyone doubted it, the Biden administration wants open borders. Republican presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy spoke of the “great replacement theory” at a recent debate. Democrats and the establishment have allowed this invasion on purpose.

And yet, somehow the U.S. government’s role in migrant trafficking constitutes the least alarming part of this story. After all, non-woke U.S. citizens already know that their government hates them.

St. Clair, of course, focused on Delta’s apparent complicity in migrant trafficking at taxpayer expense. That is certainly infuriating. But it also amounts to a symptom of an even greater problem.

Is the border crisis your number one concern in 2024?

Instead, the most alarming part of this story appeared in the alleged behavior of Delta employees.

“What does it matter, they’re humans too?” one airline representative replied when St. Clair asked about illegal immigrants. Years of propaganda from powerful U.S. institutions have conditioned that precise response.

Then, of course, another suspicious and hostile Delta representative apparently began following St. Clair. That told her that in Democrats’ America she — not illegal immigrants — poses the real threat.

And there’s nothing funny about that.



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