Legislative Fact Sheet District 18…disturbing numbers

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Ohio Senator Jerry Cirino (District 18)

Senator Cirino provided the following legislative fact sheet that gives some very disturbing insights to what is happening to Ohio seniors and the housing affordability.

Please note that 375,000+ Ohio adults over 65 endure housing costs at 30% or more of their income.

With the pending 30%+ sexennial property revaluation that will take place in Lake County in 2024 with taxes collected in 2025, we will no doubt see more Ohio seniors exceed the 30% Housing Affordability Threshold.

Property is the foundation of all our rights!

No tax should leave a person homeless.

Any tax that, if unpaid, will cause a citizen to become homeless, is immoral.

Home ownership is just an illusion. If you doubt that statement, just stop paying your property taxes for three collection periods.

Stop all property taxes!


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