Ohio Political News – Buckeye Patriots Podcast Schedule & Podcast on Eliminating Property Taxes

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Ohio Buckeye Patriots Podcast

Watch and listen to Joe Miller, Jonathon Broadbent and Brian Massie as they discuss the latest political news and issues with guests from all over Ohio and the nation.

Here is the link to the Oho Political News / Buckeye Patriots Podcast:

The following is the tentative schedule for the Buckeye Patriots podcasts for the month of January, 2024.

Sun. Jan 7th…730pm Buckeye Patriots podcast guest Chris Long.

Mon. Jan.. 8th…7pm Iowa Caucus update guests Jon and Scott live from Iowa.

Sun. Jan 14th…730pm Buckeye Patriots podcast

Mon. Jan. 15th…8pm LIVE Iowa caucus election night coverage.

Sun. Jan. 21st…730pm Buckeye Patriots podcast

Mon. Jan. 22nd…7pm Ohio Senate Debate LIVE coverage

Sun. Jan. 28th…730pm Buckeye Patriots podcast.


Here is our latest podcast with Michigan’s Karla Wagner and the elimination of property taxes in Michigan.


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