Riverside School Board Organizational Meeting

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall, Riverside taxpayer

I attended the Riverside School District’s school board meeting on January 6th, and recorded the following videos for our readers.

Here are the official results of the November 7, 2023 election results:

Member of Board of Education Riverside LSD

Denise Brewster 7,062 33.82%
Lori Krenisky 6,007 28.76%
Beverly Schilero 5,367 25.70%
Christian Weiss, III 2,448 11.72%
Total Votes Cast 20,884 100.0%

At the organizational meeting, Board members were assigned to various committees and as liaisons with various groups.

Board assignments:

Policy: Belinda Grassi, Chair and Scott Fishel
Curriculum & Programming: Denise Brewster, Chair and Jennifer Harden
Building & Grounds/Operations: Scott Fishel, Chair and Belinda Grassi
Finance & Personnel: Jennifer Harden, Chair and Denise Brewster
Alumni Association: Scott Fishel
Booster Organizations: Jennifer Harden
Legislative Liaison: Belinda Grassi
Strategic Planning: Denise Brewster with Superintendent Dr. Chris Rateno


We will address the 2024 finance presentation by the CFO, Mr. Gary Platko, in another article. Mr. Platko did agree that if the mandatory property sexennial revaluation in 2024 results in a 30% – 35% increase in property values, the Riverside School District will fall to the 20 mil floor.

What will that mean for the school district and the taxpayers when outside millage is treated as inside millage? It means more revenue for the school, higher property taxes for the residents in the school district – and all without a vote of the taxpayers!

Any tax that , if unpaid, causes a citizen to be homeless is immoral!


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