Lawfare Against Donald Trump

By Linda Goudsmit January 13, 2024 and website: 

Lawfare is legal action taken as part of a hostile campaign against a country, a group, or in this case, an individual. The entire case against Trump is textbook lawfare. It is election interference at the highest levels, and an attempt to prevent President Trump’s return to the White House.

President Trump is an existential danger to the globalist elite’s ambition to collapse America from within and replace our constitutional republic with its own managerial Unistate. This case is not about the value of Trump’s properties because lending banks assess the properties themselves to protect their loans, and all loans were repaid. This case is a disgusting abuse of power by a radical leftist prosecutor and a radical leftist judge, who are both active participants in the weaponized NY judiciary that is using lawfare to eliminate its political opponent. The judge and the prosecutor are tools of the globalist War on America, and too arrogant to realize they are just useful idiots.


Trump Makes Surprising Courtroom Move | Facts Matter

Facts Matter

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Former President Donald Trump’s trial in New York came to a head this week, as the presiding judge wrote an email using all caps to his lawyers, warning them that if President Trump wants to speak on the case, he better not mention the attorney general, or he will be kicked out of the courtroom.




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