Is Weiss Right for the Republican Party Central Committee?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We received the following from a very concerned Republican in Lake County.

Dear Mr. Massie:

I am a concerned Lake County resident and potential Republican Party Primary voter. I am disturbed and appalled by several Facebook posts by Christian Weiss. Mr. Weiss is a former school board candidate and current candidate for the Lake County Republican Party Central Committee. I have attached screenshots of just some of the worst of his posts. His posts are at a minimum antisemitic. He has the chutzpah to claim the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, 2023 are all a conspiracy and compare the Israeli response to Nazi war crimes.

We cannot let this man be associated with the Republican Party. If he wins a central committee seat, the Democrats will use him as an albatross against all of our local candidates. Conservatism will be defeated in Lake County.

Please use your blog to ensure all Lake County Republican voters know not to vote for Christian Weiss and keep him out of the Republican Party!

A Concerned Lake County Patriot


LFC Comments:

We filed a police report on Weiss because of his constant threats, and also filed for a civil protection order against him. Unfortunately, the Lake County Magistrate Spangler states Weiss’ conduct does not reach the level to warrant a CPO, and Weiss was just being “mean spirited”.

Note to all Lake County residents: Good luck trying to get help from the Lake County court system! Many, many citizens have sent me complaints about the whole system. The 15 minutes, or so, with Magistrate Spangler is my only involvement, but, regretfully, I can tell you that I’m not impressed. It is my opinion, that their impetus is to get you to hire a lawyer to keep their system flowing.

Weiss’ weekly ad hominem attacks at the Commissioners’ meeting against Commissioner John Plecnik are beyond the pale. We certainly believe in free speech, but Weiss, in our opinion, abuses that right with his constant barrage of vulgar attacks on the Commissioner. Weiss’ statement that Commissioner Plecnik is a “40 year virgin that allegedly sodomizes his dog” was so “over the top” that I could not believe he said it. Unfortunately, Weiss besmirches the label “Christian”.

We would like to see the other Commissioners defend Commissioner Plecnik when Weiss rants at the public meetings. A united front is needed to fight evil forces. You are either with Commissioner Plecnik on this issue, or you are for Weiss. There is no in between.


We received the following response from a reader when we asked for input:

Honestly, Brian, I am in agreement with the Concerned Lake County Patriot below:

“If he wins a central committee seat, the Democrats will use him as an albatross against all of our local candidates.” 

Antisemitism is antisemitism whether espoused by a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or an atheist. It is a powerful political weapon used to deflect attention from the central issue. If Mr. Weiss wins a committee seat the debate focuses on discrediting his antisemitic rants, and ignores the existential threat that globalism poses to our constitutional republic. The globalist elite strategists are warring against the entire Judeo-Christian tradition – it is not just anti-Jewish. The big picture is anti-Jewish + ant-Christian + anti-American = societal collapse.   

My say is this: Do not be intimidated by Mr. Weiss. I do not know the history of the four women you are referring to, but I do know this. Bullies like Weiss cannot be placated, appeased, or ignored – they do not stop unless they are stopped. Weiss is a very useful idiot for the globalists. Public exposure is his political enemy and should be used to deny him a seat on the Republican committee.


To all Lake County Republicans, we ask if this is the type of representative that you want on your central committee, or even in the Party?




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