Lyndsie Hits the Wall at Mentor School…updated 4/17/24

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Unfortunately, we must report that Mentor resident, and former candidate for the Mentor School Board, Lyndsie Wall was fired from her long-term substitute aide position at Mentor’s Ridge Elementary after less than two months on the job. Tardiness and violating the school’s code of ethics dealing with disparagement of students are not acceptable behavior.

We wonder if all those that adamantly supported Ms. Wall for the School Board are a bit embarrassed by the sudden turn of events. Mentor School Board members Maggie Cook, Virginia Jeschelnig and Lauren Marchaza, the Mentor Teachers Association, Mentor Councilman Matt Donovan, State Representative Daniel Troy, Commissioner John Plecnik and Commissioner-Elect Morris Beverage III must be second-guessing themselves for their decision to endorse Ms. Wall.

Updated 4/17/24- Commissioner John Plecnik contacted me and stated that he did not support Lyndsie Wall for Mentor School Board. He stated that he had endorsed Rose Ioppolo and Gil Martello for the Mentor School Board.

It must also be disheartening for those citizens that contributed $27,311.22 to the “Friends of Wall” school board campaign to realize that those donations were a terrible waste of money.

The following documents were received via a public records request from the Mentor School District’s personnel file of Lyndsie Wall. She began working at Ridge Elementary on February 5th as a long-term substitute aide and was fired on March 26th. These documents are proof of how extremely inappropriate it is for either the union, or current school board members to endorse candidates for school board.

Reading pornographic books is not acceptable at school board meetings, but the books are permitted in the school library. We wonder if public education can be saved?

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