Subversion in Public Schools

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We thank S. Hiatt for sending us the following articles on the details of what has happened in the U.S. public schools.


Here is an excellent essay on how the teaching of American history has been subverted in public schools.  As usual, John Dewey was involved in this.

I would also recommend the writings of the late John Taylor Gatto, who has shown how Dewey and his cohorts imported Prussian-style education into America.  This education was designed to produce obedient soldiers, obedient factory workers, and obedient subjects (as opposed to free citizens).


[LFC input: Here is an excerpt from the article written by John Taylor Gatto in 2015. Can anyone honestly say that this has not happened in our public schools?]

“”The campaign against America, for example, was to encourage mass immigration in order to dilute national identity, to stimulate and exacerbate racial arguments, to attack, through law and media propaganda, any distinction between the genders, and to prematurely awaken lustful sexual appetites among young children by introducing pornography into school curricula…, in hopes this would:

1) seduce the young away from intellectual concentration

2) to divide the young from their parents’ values, and

3) to spread moral confusion through the culture, discrediting authority as

“old-fashioned” (if in matters of sex, then possibly everywhere else too!)

4) to challenge Christian teaching.”

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