Is the Banking Industry About to Change or Collapse?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We have been warned for quite some time by a Willoughby resident, very knowledgeable about the world of banking, that there is about to be a seismic shift in the banking industry. The concept of local bank branches and the use of cash and checks may be an outdated means of saving our money and paying our bills.

Consider this:

“The end of cash is on the horizon, and it will have far-reaching effects on the economy, finance and society more broadly.”

Look what happened in Australia:

“In a bid to become a digital-only bank, Bankwest recently revealed 45 locations would close their doors by October and a further 15 would be rebranded under the Commonwealth Bank banner. This will leave no physical Bankwest branches in the country.”

And here in the United States:

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on Friday said that Republic First Bank has been closed by Pennsylvania state regulators, in what the FDIC said was the first US bank failure this year.

Perhaps people should pull their money out of the bank and stuff their mattresses, but with double digit inflation instituted by our corrupt federal legislators on both sides of aisles, does it matter if your money loses purchasing power in the bank or under your mattress?

Unfortunately, many Americans are still in denial about what has become of our constitutional Republic. We grieve for the future generations that will not have the knowledge or capacity to fight back against a man-centered, godless society known as COMMUNISM.

It is now obvious why I received the jeers, catcalls, mocking me for holding this sign at a Mentor protest.

We have fellow travelers and useful idiots all around us.

It appears the average American will only fight back when they have hit bottom.

What is “hitting bottom” you may ask? For me, it is when you cannot put food on your table.

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