Open Letter to Ohio Republican State Central Committee

By John Paul Morrow, Central Committee member Sheffield Lake 1-A

Dear Members of the Ohio Republican State Central Committee,

It is with a profound sense of disappointment that I address you today, not as adversaries but as fellow stewards of principles that are currently under severe threat from within. As members of the committee entrusted with the governance of our party, you hold a responsibility not only to uphold our values but to act as the moral compass guiding our collective actions. Sadly, it appears that the compass has not merely been ignored; it has been deliberately recalibrated to point away from integrity and transparency.

Let me preface that the following – and its public nature – is not an attempt to destroy the party – the unethical culture present in leadership at the state level is destroying the Ohio Republican Party just fine on its own without my help. My intent is to save the party through practical reforms. Unfortunately – what occurs all too often is that the entrenched arrogance of members is so palpable, and their political investment so great in the powers that be, that rather than call out immorality and illegality in their midst, they will sit by and rationalize bad behavior as the party destroys itself from within.

The revelations surrounding the financial maneuvers and questionable practices under the leadership of Chairman Alex Triantafilou are deeply troubling. These are not mere oversights or administrative blunders; they are calculated actions that have distanced our party from the very citizens we pledge to serve—the ordinary, everyday Republicans whose faith in our institution is waning. We need to call our party for what it is – a tool for the special interests that have the wherewithal to purchase our party and politicians to make policy that benefits the special interests and not the general interest of Ohioans.

Time and again, we have witnessed the misappropriation of funds—from the inexplicable $35,000 sent under dubious circumstances to the Connecticut Republican Party to the shadowy expenditure for a private flight by Zanesville Aviation in an off election year where the party had its derrière handed to them on a platter. State Central Committee members did not approve these transactions and the majority of members had no clue these extraordinary transactions ever existed. These instances are not isolated but are indicative of a systemic rot, a departure from the ethical guidelines that should govern the actions of the ORSCC.

Under Chairman Triantafilou’s leadership, rather than serving as a bulwark against corruption, our party apparatus has become more complicit in these dubious activities that any reasonable person would define as money laundering and a misappropriation of funds. The chairman has not only entrenched himself within the status quo but has actively participated in and expanded these questionable practices of deception and keeping ORSCC members in dutiful and compliant ignorance. This is not leadership; this is a dereliction of duty at best and when the wagons are circled and David Johnson bellows to rally the troops you can bet it is complicit corruption at worst. Have you ever wondered why only the rich give to the State Party? It is because the corruption within the party is corrosive and caustic – and we can see the naked power grab of self-interested politician like the Ohio Speaker digging the party a grave in which it will be buried.

As normal Ohio Republicans, we believe in the rule of law, in the sanctity of life, and in the protection of our Constitution. Yet, how can we claim to stand for these principles when our own house is in disarray? The rank failure to allocate adequate resources to protect Ohio’s preborn, to uphold and protect our Constitution, and to shield our communities from the harms of legalizing gateway recreational drugs speaks volumes of the misplaced priorities that currently prevail.

The regular Ohioan demands openness and transparency. They expect us, as their representatives, to conduct ourselves with a professionalism that removes any hint of impropriety. Yet, what we have witnessed is a State Republican leadership that embraces not only the questionable actions of the Speaker of the House but also perpetrates overt schemes that would shame any faithful steward of public trust.

Therefore, it is not just a request but a moral imperative that we call for the dismissal of Chairman Alex Triantafilou by a vote of confidence. We must separate the positions of Chairman and Director/CEO. It is self-evident that the amalgamation of these roles has led to a concentration of absolute power that is inherently susceptible to absolute corruption. Let us make the Chairman’s position an unpaid role, reflective of voluntary service and civic duty, while maintaining the Director’s and CEO’s position as the professional, accountable, and salaried role that has rewards them – when successful – to keep the CEO hungry for wins. For the wages in excess of $150,000 per year for the Chairman – Republicans should not be dealing with scandal after scandal.

This separation will serve as a crucial check on the concentration of power and will foster a culture where accountability is not just expected but demanded. It is time for us to rebuild, to restore the trust that has been eroded, and to demonstrate through our actions that we are worthy of the high calling we have been given. The lying, the lack of disclosure, and fraud are so profound – that the party has found itself backed into a corner and its only way to operate is on the basis of moral corruption.

Let us ensure that the rest of our story is one of redemption, of moral fortitude, and of unwavering commitment to the principles that have long defined our party. The future of the Ohio Republican Party—and, indeed, the trust of the Ohioan electorate—rests in our hands.

Act wisely, act swiftly, and let us return to being a party that not only Ohioans can be proud of but one that can be a beacon of integrity and ethical leadership.

I hope my brethren in the Republican county central committees are as outraged as I am and will call upon all Republicans Central Committee to demand the removal of Alex Triantafilou from our ranks and put an end to the chaos that this corrupt culture of the last three decades has brought us.

Yours in service and with urgent hope,

Jon Paul Morrow
Lorain County Republican Party
Central Committee member Sheffield Lake 1-A

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

How many times do the average citizens have to call out the Republican leadership for corruption in the Party? We are starting to conclude that they do not want to change. Listen to former State Representative Ron Young from Lake County tell you the two top priorities of any politician and government.

If we cannot clean up the Republican Party, how are we supposed to clean up the country? No one is worried about the average citizen.

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