Petition for a Writ of Mandamus Against Concord Township Trustees

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Citizen extraordinaire, Mr. Brian Ames of Portage Township, just filed a lawsuit against Concord Township’s leaders for failing to provide public records requested by Mr. Ames.

The following are the first two pages of the lawsuit filed in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals:

Here is the complete lawsuit:

This is quite surprising since Concord Township has been very transparent with Lobbyists for Citizens.

We would expect Judge Lucci, seated on the 11th District Court of Appeals, to recuse himself since his wife. Amy Lucci, Concord Trustee, is named in the lawsuit.

Perhaps Morgan McIntosh, Trustee, can come to the recuse. He will not disappoint the taxpayers of Concord Township. Just watch how he protects the financial interests of the Concord taxpayers when he is leading the discussion on the legal means to distribute the Local Government Funds.

Morgan, you have our back, right? Concord taxpayers will get their just due, right?

Don’t disappoint us!

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