HB 245 Protects Ohio’s Children From Lewd Public Behavior

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to Ohio Value Voters for sending this information to us. I have sent in my witness information form asking the State Representatives to support HB245 and protect our children.

Ohio House Bill 245 will be given a hearing on Wednesday this week and your written testimony is needed.

Proponent testimony should be addressed and sent via email to: Chairwoman Abrams, Vice Chair Williams, and Members of the House Criminal Justice Committee urging the committee to vote YES on HB 245.

Download your witness slip here: LINK

and email your testimony and witness slip documents to Chairwoman Cindy Abrams at Rep29@ohiohouse.gov and CC: Rep84@ohiohouse.gov by no later than Tue, June 4th @ 9:00am.

Ohio Value Voters previously alerted you about this incident regarding HB 245:

Former Worthington school board member Sam Shim said “In so many families, the biggest and first bully they encounter is their own parents,” while speaking out against a bill that would prohibit sexualized adult acts from being performed in front of minors, requiring them instead to be done at adult cabarets. Ohio House Bill 245 which was recently introduced by Rep. Angie King (R-84) and Rep. Josh Williams (R-41). HB 245 “Prohibits Certain Adult Cabaret Performances.” LINK

Make no mistake In Ohio, drag performers want your kids and they no longer hide it! At the same event drag performers protested Ohio House Bill 245.

They are coming for your children!

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