Barack Obama is the Real Felon

Barack Obama is the Real Felon

Susan Daniels

May 31, 2024

When Barack Obama was still a pot-smoking, teenage punk, he had a Hawaiian social security number. However, that changed in his mid-20s when he began using a stolen Connecticut social security number. It started with the first three numbers 042, instead of 575 or 576 assigned to Hawaii residents. Using another person’s identity is a felony.

The number was issued on March 28, 1977, to a resident of Connecticut born in 1890.  Obama was fifteen and living in Hawaii.

Social security numbers were assigned starting in 1936 but it was not unusual for someone at age eighty-seven-years-old to first apply because she could have been using her husband’s, which was common. If he died, she would need her own number to receive government benefits.

A government database shows Obama with the Connecticut number and dates of birth as 1890, 08/04/1961 and 04/08/1961.

Obama’s phone number, coinciding with his addresses in Illinois and Massachusetts, shows his date of birth as 1890.

Also suspect is Obama’s application for Selective Service. Obama told George Stephanopoulos on September 7, 2008, that he registered for Selective Service when he graduated from high school in 1979. But President Richard Nixon suspended the Selective Service in 1975 and President Jimmy Carter didn’t reinstated it until 1980.

Compared to another application signed within days of his, the date stamped on Obama’s is wrong. It should say 1980, not 80. It appears that a 2008 stamp had the first two numbers removed and the sides of the 8 trimmed. The remaining 08 was then flipped upside down. Failure to register was a felony and Obama never registered.

That fact is born out by the letter he allegedly got from the government acknowledging his application. Obama would have received it 1980 if he registered. However, is it printed on SSS Form 3B (May-07). The letter has the Connecticut number all over it.

Most importantly, Obama used it on his 2009 tax filing as president. One of his inept minions should have remembered to remove it before publishing it publicly.


Susan Daniels is the author of “The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife versus Barack Obama: A True Story,” now available on

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