Lake County Voters By Municipality

In an effort to determine how we can get make any changes to the problem of increasing real estate taxes, we analyzed our current voting statistics versus the number of Lake County residents.  From the statistics provided by the Lake County Board of Election’s website, we create the following worksheet:
Lake County Voters 11-7-17

The statistics show that there were 84,668 registered voters for the 11/7/17 general election. That represents approximately 36% of the population of 235,149 Lake County residents.

Registered Voters:
Age Group                                # of Voters      % of Total Registered
60 years of age and older            40,361                      47.67%
50-59 years old                              16,529                       19.52%
40-49 years old                              10,993                       12.98%
Less than 40 years old                 16,785                       19.82%
Total                                                   84,668                     100.00%

Number of People that Voted on 11/7/17 General Election:

Age Groups                                 # of Voters             % of Registered Voters
60 years of age and older             32,483                         80%
50-59 years of age                          11,334                         69%
40-49 years of age                            6,533                         59%
Less than 40 years of age               6,242                         37%
Total                                                   56,592                         66%

% of total Lake County residents that voted –      24%     (56,592 / 235,149)


  1. With only ~36% of the Lake County residents registered to vote, we need a concerted effort to register more voters.  There is potentially another ~71,000 seniors that could be registered. ((235,149 – 84,668) x 47.67%)
  2. Although there was a 66% turnout of total registered voters, 80% of those 60 years and older, and 69% in the 50-59 age bracket, we need to somehow make those age groups  aware of the importance of voting on real estate tax levies.
  3. With 67% of registered voters 50 years of age and older, there is no issue in Lake County that should be passed without the overwhelming support of that voting bloc.

    We welcome your input on what can be done to reach Lake County residents.


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