Real estate tax calculation….Is there a better way?

Updated 7/18/18 12:45 pm

We believe that is a safe bet to say that the current method of calculating real estate taxes is very confusing to most taxpayers.  Quite simply, there has to be a better way.  Why are we stuck using a system that very few people understand?   It is incumbent on our elected officials, as they continue to extract money from the taxpayers,  to make the taxation system understandable for the average citizen.

To this end, we have written an email to the Lake County Auditor, Mr Edward Zupancic, for some advice on this subject.  I have spoken to Mr. Zupancic on many occasions, and I find him to be quite a patriot, and he runs a very efficient, competent staff at the Auditor’s office.  I have found them to be kind, tolerant, and patient when dealing with all of my questions.  A big shout out and kudos to Ms. Barb Hogya for her support of Lake County taxpayers.


Mr. Zupancic:
This past weekend I spoke to State Representative Michael Duffey (House District 21) about property taxes.

He mentioned that the current method of using the “millage rate” as a means of calculating property taxes is archaic and confusing. It could be greatly simplified by using a percentage of the home valuation.
You and I have both expressed publicly at the commissioners’ meeting that the current calculations for property taxes is confusing to the overwhelming majority of Lake County residents.
As the Lake County Auditor, do you have any concerns about changing the methodology of calculating property taxes?  Do you have other suggestions to simplify our current system?
We will keep you posted as we pursue this issue.
Updated 7/18/18 12:45 pm:
We received the following response from Commissioner Daniel Troy:
“I have often advocated and have testified in front of a special Ohio House Ad-hoc Committee on Taxation for a complete reconstruction of Ohio’s property tax system. It has become quite confusing and needs a complete overhaul with an emphasis on simplicity. But, like many other issues that the General Assembly should address, the can just gets continually kicked down the road. As I stated in my testimony, I think that only 2 people in Ohio understand our local property tax system, and they probably disagree. A good model for Ohio might be Utah’s “Truth in Taxation” law, which I believe uses percentages rather than millage.”

My response to Commissioner Troy:
“Thank you Commissioner Troy for your prompt reply.  As I have stated publicly at the Commissioners’ meeting, we may not agree on many issues, but I admire your vast knowledge on governmental issues.  Perhaps a grass roots effort is needed to “stop kicking this can down the road”.  I will keep everyone posted on our progress.”


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