Dominic Lucci – A Miscarriage of Justice….he needs our help

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I would like to introduce you to someone that I have never met.  His name is Dominic Lucci. I know his Uncle Burt from our weekly Saturday morning Bible study.  Burt has been telling us for months about the struggles in Dominic’s life – a story of truly being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Sometimes fate can be cruel to us and negatively impact our lives.  However, I have not personally heard of such a miscarriage of justice where a witness to crime lies, prosecutors improperly withhold evidence;  and consequently, three young men spend 26 years, the prime of their lives, in jail for a crime they did not commit.  Ask yourself, how would you deal with such an injustice?

Here is a newspaper article detailing the sordid details of the event.

Dominic Lucci – A Miscarriage of Justice

Dominc now lives in Euclid and he is looking for a job.  He does not want a hand-out, just a hand-up to get back on his feet financially.   He has given me permission to post his personal telephone number (216) 903-8467, and email:  I plan to post this through all of our social media contacts, trying to help Dominic put his life back in order, hoping that he gets the break that he so richly deserves.

To all the patriots out there, please do what you can to help Dominic.  Spread the word throughout our community.  If you own a business and are looking for help, please call or email him with any opportunity you have for him.  If you know of jobs available in the area,  you can email him with the details of the opportunity.

Thank you in advance  for all you may do for Dominic.  He deserves a chance at life, now that he is  “completely free”.


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