Resolution 8 meeting scheduled…..chance to express your views

Thanks to Lobbyist Arzella for this News-Herald article.  This is a follow up to the Commissioners’ meeting where they discussed a resolution to supporting the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.  LFC extends a huge thanks to Commissioner Cirino to have the courage of his convictions to speak up on behalf of the citizens of Lake County.  That is a rare quality in politicians in today’s world.

Perhaps the Lake Erie College President, Brian Posler, will allow “everyone a seat at the table”.  However, we have never seen him in action.  Our experience with the League of Women Voters has shown them to be a very controlling group, allowing only questions into the debate that are written down on a note card and then carefully chosen by them.  Freedom of speech and expression for all is vital to our Constitutional Republic.

Just to be sure that there is any doubt in the minds of any Lake County taxpayer, Lobbyists for Citizens wholeheartedly supports the adoption of Resolution 8.  We are a nation of laws, and that does not permit any politician, bureaucrat,  or citizen to select which law that they will enforce or obey.  Those that support the defeat of Resolution 8, are promoting Open Borders and anarchy in our great country.

No Borders = No Sovereignty = No Country

Isaiah 5:20


Lake County commissioners’ ICE resolutions to be discussed at public forum

Lake Erie College will host public forum concerning support for agency, immigration reform advocacy

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers escort an arrestee in an apartment building, in the Bronx borough of New York, during a series of early-morning raids in 2015.
A public forum will take place Aug. 13 at Lake Erie College to discuss two resolutions proposed by the Lake County Commissioners last week regarding the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.
Lake Erie College President Brian Posler will moderate the forum in consultation with the president of the Lake County League of Women Voters.
The forum is open to the public. Rules for the forum will be presented that evening.
Commissioners Dan Troy, Jerry Cirino and President John Hamercheck have been invited to the event.
At the commissioners’ last regular meeting Aug. 2 the two resolutions were tabled after many Lake County residents, and a few Cuyahoga County residents, voiced opposition.
After listening to public comments twice, which lasted more than an hour, the resolutions, one in support of ICE and the other urging Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform legislation, were tabled until the 10 a.m. Aug. 16 regular meeting.
Troy and Hamercheck voted for the tabling, while Cirino voted “nay.”
Troy proposed the resolution urging reform, while Cirino proposed the resolution expressing support for the federal agency.
“I get tired of hearing about all of these people, and these irresponsible politicians, calling for the elimination of ICE,” Cirino said. “And I thought, I know one thing about Lake County, we like safety and law enforcement in our community. This is not partisan issue, and this is not an immigrant issue.”
Cirino also said he saw no point in tabling the measures.
“I’m not in favor of this,” he added. “Opinions may not change significantly in two weeks. Like it or not, this is a local issue, maybe not administratively, but there is an impact.”
Painesville boasts a large immigrant population, nearly 25 percent of which is Hispanic, according to Census data.
Hamercheck said a measure supporting the officers and personnel who carry out the mission of ICE was passed by the House last month.
Troy also questioned the timeliness of the measure framed by Cirino.
“I’m concerned why this resolution is coming up (now),” Troy said, who is on the November ballot. “I think maybe it has a little bit to do with the fact that we’re in the silly season of politics, and that we can get somebody to cast a vote the wrong way, and we can say, ‘He’s for open borders and not protecting our country.’
“Look, the abolition of ICE isn’t going to happen. There are strong opinions on either side. We need public dialogue and we need to respect the differences of opinions. Sen. (John) McCain and former President (George) Bush also support comprehensive immigration reform. We need logic, facts and voices of reason.”
In response to all three commissioners suggesting a public “weigh-in,” Painesville resident Lois Osborn spearheaded those efforts, inviting both opponents and proponents of the resolutions to attend.
“A lot of people (in this room) do not think the efforts of ICE have been heroic in separating families and children and putting them in detention centers,” Osborn said.
Cirino pointed to Osborn’s examples of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” border policy as isolated situations, and reminded the public of other parent-child separations.
“Of course, there are consequences,” he said. “I challenge you to think about that and those kids who are taken away from their parents for breaking laws, not just those coming through our relatively open borders.”
While opponents said elected officials shouldn’t espouse their personal political beliefs, Painesville Township resident John Muzik, who supports the pro-ICE resolution, said government officials should agree with the laws of this country.
“If you don’t like the laws, get them changed. But people who break the laws, they’re the ones breaking up families, not the laws themselves.”

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