Final November Ballot Questions and Issues….words of caution for you

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We received the following list of questions and issues from the Lake County Board of Elections that will appear on the November 6, 2018 election.

November 6 Election Questions-Issues-Candidates

We will work on reviewing each tax levy and will calculate the cost for each taxing district.

From our research conducted to date, we will NEVER support the Lakeland Community College nor the Morley Library levies.  It is our opinion, that both Boards of Trustees are not being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money, and should hear a resounding NO from the taxpayers in their respective taxing districts. We will have much more on these levies, as we get closer to November.

What is VERY IMPORTANT for every taxpayer to know is that NO ONE in County government is certifying a need for any renewal or new tax levy.  When we asked the County Commissioners if any government official certifies the need for a proposed tax levy, we were told that the Lake County “Tax Board” basically “rubber stamps” all levy requests.  Here is a quote from Mr. Ed Zupanic, who LFC considers to be an outstanding public servant, regarding our question on who is certifying the need for a tax levy.

“I am responding to your August 3, 2018 email concerning the Lake County Tax Board (technically called the County Budget Commission).  The County Budget commission consists of the Lake County Auditor, Treasurer, and Prosecuting Attorney.  The Budget Commission does not approve or deny tax levies.  The purpose of the Budget Commission is to assure that when a levy is approved by the voters the proper amount is collected”.

The Morley Library Board of Trustees is the sole political entity having authority to determine whether or not a levy should be submitted on its behalf of the voters to the library district.  The Ohio Revised Code places a duty upon the Board of County Commissioners, once Morley Library has determined a levy is necessary, to pass a resolution submitting that levy to the electorate.  The electorate of the Morley Library District will approve or disapprove such levy”……… – per Mr. Ed Zupancic, Lake County Auditor.

In essence, the taxpayers are at the mercy of unelected trustees within the Lake County agencies.

All levies that are listed as “continuous” or “for a continuing period of time”, in our opinion, should be voted down.  Remember that “Continuous” means “FOREVER“, and it passed by the voters, it means that the respective entity no longer has to be accountable to the taxpayers because they are assured of money coming in to their coffers.

Emergency levies, only permitted for public schools, is not what you think it is.  “Emergency” is a deceptive term used by unscrupulous school boards to deceive the public.  When we think it is to cover a shortfall in cash for a limited period of time, what it really means is that the school board is trying to avoid the pitfalls of House Bill 920 that ensures that taxpayers are paying a fixed amount. The effective tax rates and the gross tax rates are always the same.

Be on the look out for the latest tactic to deceive taxpayers.  We notice a trend of combining prior levies with a “substitute” levy and changing the “limited period of time” to a “continuing period of time”.  The politicians and school boards are playing “follow the leader” hoping that uninformed taxpayers are not aware of their skulduggery.

Isaiah 5:20

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