Morley Library….they have some explaining to do!

We have been researching Morley Library’s tax levy that is on the November ballot.  Without ANYONE  in county government reviewing their financial statements and certifying that there is a financial need, it is up to the taxpayers to “pull back the curtain”.

This is not a criticism  of Lake County officials, but rather of our whole system.  We are left to the decisions made by the respective Board of Directors to determine if there is a financial need.  So taxpayers are left to “trust” that the respective Board of Directors are operating in the best interest of the taxpayers – that is a non-starter for Lobbyists For Citizens.  Many directors are not financially savvy and rely on the stronger, individuals, well connected in the community to other Boards,  to chart the course for the library.  We see a connection with the library’s request for a “continuous levy”, and individuals on their board.  Let us just leave it at that for now.

We sent the following email to Ms. Aurora Martinez, Executive Director of Morley Library.  We will let you know her response.
Ms. Martinez:

After reviewing Morley Library’s combined statement of receipts, disbursements and changes in fund balances for the year ended December 31, 2017, we have the following questions for you:
1. There are $3,348,500 in committed funds under Capital projects, what are the plans for that money?
2. There are $4,597,255 in various funds under Special Revenue, what are the plans for that money?
3. How much working capital does the Morley library need to operate under current staffing and services offered?
4. Why do you think that the overwhelming majority (72%) of the people in Morley Library’s district do not wish to use the services of the library?
5. Can you please explain why you want to deny Lake County taxpayers a future vote on the library’s financing by requesting voters pass a continuous levy?
Thank you,
Brian Massie

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