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Riverside School has published their brochure entitled “Quality Profile”.  It is a pretty slick marketing brochure by the School Board and school personnel.  (copy and paste the link below to a new tab on your brower)

As always, we were drawn to the school’s financial statistics reported on page 8.

  1. Based on projections in the May 2018 Five-Year
    Forecast, the District should remain fiscally
    solvent through at least Fiscal Year 2022.
  2. Residential real estate taxes account for
    approximately 84% of the $25,700,00 tax
    revenue stream.
  3. The cost of personnel and benefits was 73.4%
    of the total 2017-2018 expenditures.

    The first point means that Riverside school district’s taxpayers should be “safe” from any new operating tax levies until 2022.   The third point is generally true for all schools districts.  The personnel costs will run between 70% – 75%.  When the costs approach 75% that is when the schools are back to the taxpayers looking for more money.  IT IS SIMPLY UNSUSTAINABLE!.  We have to find either lower cost teaching methods, or an alternative funding mechanism for schools.

By the way, congratulations to the young man that scored a perfect 36 on the ACT testing.  That is quite a remarkable achievement.

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