Ohio Property Tax Reappraisals…..what is in store for Lake County?

Thanks to Lobbyist Kim for this addition to our understanding of Ohio’s real estate tax.  This letter was written by  Michael Young of Columbus, Ohio.  Although he gets “into the weeds” for most taxpayers, it is worth reading because it is foreshadowing what is sure to happen in Lake County with the required property tax reappraisals.

What we can tell you is that any property tax reappraisals will increase your property taxes automatically, without your vote, because of the State of Ohio law dealing with “inside millage”.  So buckle up, the ride is going to get very bumpy for Lake County taxpayers – especially those living on fixed incomes.

Letter from Columbus resident on real estate tax appraisals

We will reach out to Mr. Young, and ask what we can do together to get Ohio’s school funding changed.

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