2018 Sexennial Reappraisal……maybe this is more than you want to know

Since we have been getting a lot of questions from taxpayers regarding the recent notices in the mail from the Lake County Auditor about their increased property valuation, we thought we should reach out to our favorite Auditor – Mr. Ed Zupancic.  Here are his answers to our questions regarding the sexennial reappraisal:


Mr. Massie,

Thank you for contacting the Lake County Auditor’s office regarding the sexennial reappraisal.   The sexennial reappraisal is required by Ohio Revised Code 5713 to be completed in each county once in each six-year period.

The reappraisal is a review of every property within the county for the purpose of setting market values.  The county hired appraisal company Tyler Technology in 2015 to reappraise the county’s parcels at a contracted price of $1,554,900.00.

Please see our website for additional information regarding the sexennial reappraisal.


Auditor Jill Thompson from Athens County has a nice reference to explain reappraisals at the following link:


The Ohio Department of Taxation schedule for all 88 counties is found below:


Thank you for the opportunity to respond,

Edward H. Zupancic
Lake County Auditor

Please remember that these reappraisals will impact the inside millage – you do not get to vote on this – and will mean an automatic increase in your property taxes.

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