Commissioner Hamercheck……stepping up to the plate for citizens

When an elected official does something correct, we will heap praises on them.  LFC offers a big thanks to Commissioner John Hamercheck for taking a courageous stand and supporting the following resolution to rescind the Mexican Matricular Card.  The resolution was passed by a vote of 3-0.

Matricula Consular Resolution Revoked

The resolution was introduced at the August 31st Commissioners’ meeting as “New Business”, and after listening to Commissioner Troy pontificate that the Matricular Card was really only  “symbolic” and never carried any weight in the community, all three Commissioners voted to rescind the resolution.  It was originally crafted in 2005 by Commissioner Troy and passed by the other Commissioners at that time –  Aulfuldish and Sines.

Although we disagree with Commissioner Troy, only time will tell if this identification card, previously used by illegal aliens, was just “symbolic” or not.

Next up…..follow the law….support ICE!

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