Lakeland CC set once again to fleece taxpayers……

Thanks to Lobbyist Arzella for this News-Herald article on Lakeland Community College’s desire to once again dip into the pockets of Lake County taxpayers.  One could say that this is a “bitter pill to swallow’, but we think of it as a “beverage we dare not swallow”, since they are pricing us out of our homes.

Please remember that no one in County government is certifying that there is a need for this tax levy.  The Commissioners depend on the LCC Board of Trustees to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

They have not been good stewards of the taxpayers money.  Even though property tax revenue has increased in 10 years from $10 million to $20 million, they have unfunded pension liabilities of $65 million.  They have had mission creep over the years, and have demonstrated that they are not community minded; they unilaterally doubled the costs of the early college program for Lake County students in grades 7 – 12.  This cost increase is borne by each respective school district requiring more property taxes to be collected for local public schools.  The Lakeland Community College trustees should be ashamed of themselves for this price increase.

We recommend that all Lake County citizens vote NO on the Lakeland Community College bond levy.

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