What should we expect from our politicians….do the ends really justify the means?

We have a few questions for the citizens of Lake County:

1.  Are there absolute truths, or is it acceptable to think that all truth is relative?  That is, you have your truths, and your neighbors have their truths.

2.  Is it acceptable to be so blinded by partisanship, that if a member of your “tribe” creates even a perception of impropriety while in office that you remain silent because he is “your guy”; the ends justify the means.

3.  Is it unreasonable to expect our politicians to follow the laws, conduct themselves with the utmost integrity, and not to “play the corners” and flaunt their powers while in office? Do the ends justify the means?

LFC is embarking on some extensive research on the Lake County Commissioners’ campaign contributions. We have uncovered some interesting facts and figures that we will share with the citizens.

Ever wonder how much it costs to be a County Commissioner?  Do you know how your campaign contributions can be spent?  We will show it all, as we “pull back this curtain”.

Stay tuned….much more to come….


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  1. I’ve been reading your comments about your Politicians, raising your property taxes to the point of hard-working homeowners & retirees, losing their homes. In CA, the Howard Jarvis Tax Assoc. was able to stop this with Prop. 13 in the 70’s but the aggressive activists are working over-time to circumvent it, now.

    I am from scary-California where the Politicians are out to destroy the hard-working homeowner & landlord, and, give free housing+ to any layabout in-line.

    The libs are aggressive, have a 10-year plan, creating loyal, idealistic, youthful followers. Liberal organizations like Al Gore’s Move-On.org pay their activitsts.

    You better unite and get active before the Conservative way is stollen from us.


    • We agree completely, and we are doing just that. The socialists / communists are throwing so much at us right now it is difficult to fight each and every one of the issues. There are many more billionaires that are funding the left wing agenda. They have infiltrated every institution – the churches, schools, unions, businesses and the colleges. We think that we are headed for a civil war. However, we will never give up the fight to save our Republic.

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