Lake County Governance Education Fund…….a pesky little detail left

Upon reviewing the Commissioners’ finance reports, we noticed an “anomaly” in Commissioner Troy’s 2012 reporting so we just had to go down that “rabbit hole” to see where it leads us.  We have been curious about a Non-Profit created by Commissioner Troy so we sent the following email to Troy and the Treasurer of his election committee, Mr. Kip Molenaar:

Mr. Molenaar and Commissioner Troy:

On a previous email, we asked if you could explain what the Lake County Governance Education Fund was all about.  You do not need to respond to that since we finally found all the information we needed on-line, including the amendments to the articles of incorporation.  Upon reading the purpose of the fund, it certainly seems like a very worthwhile venture.  The law firm you retained certainly has sterling credentials.  Articles of Incorporation LCGEF

Just so that we could understand the chain of events, we decided to create a time line from the documents in our files.

Time line of events…..Lake County Governance Education Fund

  1. Dan Troy decides to run for State Representative District 60
  2. On 2/3/12, Attorney Mark A. McGinnis files with the State of Ohio Secretary of State and creates a “Corporation for Non-Profit” with the business name of Lake County Governance Education Fund, Inc (Entity #2079107) (Location: Willowick)
  3. On 2/3/12, Attorney Mark A. McGinnis files the Initial Articles of Incorporation, with Amendments of the LCGEF and appoints himself as the Original Appointment of Statutory Agent.
  4. On 3/6/12 Kip L. Molenaar files a Permissive Funds Report showing the disposal of Excess Funds in the amount of $42,618.91.  This was required since the Ohio Revised Code limits the amount of “carry in” to a State Representative campaign to $35,000.00.
  5. In a Cleveland Plain Dealer article dated 8/3/12, it is announced that Dan Troy drops out of the race for State Rep.  Reason: “He was overwhelmed with local support for him to remain a county commissioner.”
  6. On 2/25/15, Mark A. McGinnis creates a domestic for-profit LLC named “AGENT M LLC”, and he is the original appointment of agent.
  7. On 1/14/16, there was a filing for a change in the appointment of agent for “AGENT M LLC”.  Attorney Donald J. McTigue is appointed as the new agent of record.
  8.  On 1/14/16, the LCGEF changed its agent of record from Mark A. McGinnis to the for-profit entity known as “AGENT M LLC”.


Please let us know if we are incorrect anywhere along the timeline, we want to be sure we report accurate information.

The missing piece of information is what happened to the $42,618.91?   When may we expect to receive the details of the amounts, and to whom paid.  Since the fund currently shows a zero balance there had to be some distributions to some very worthy charities.

There is one question that we cannot seem to answer – perhaps it is obvious – but it escapes us.  If you meant to give the $42,618.91 to charity, why did you not just write a check and be done with it; rather than spend a great deal of money with such a prestigious law firm with convoluted filings of non-profits, for profits corporations, and changing the agent of records.

Thank you for believing in honesty and transparency in all governmental matters,

Brian Massie

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