News Release……a summary of our issue with Troy

We take no joy in reporting this.  We always try to be kind, tolerant and patient, but we will never be silent.

We have been posting at various times about our misgivings with Commissioner Troy’s current conduct as Lake County Commissioner.  At the last Commissioners’ meeting, we did thank Troy for his many years in public service, and we are sure that he has helped people over the many years while in office.
However, we cannot allow our emotions to cloud our judgment, and we, regretfully, must express our belief that Commissioner Troy has become a bully in his position as Lake County Commissioner, and wields the power of his office for personal gain to remain in office.

We have prepared the following news release and have emailed it to the Plain Dealer, the News-Herald and the Tribune.     LFC news release 10-11-18

Here are our thoughts on what we call the Rider’s Inn Affair (this is an update from a previous post)
Rider’s Inn Affair

We just posted the details of the missing $42,618.91 in Campaign Funds.

On October 9, 2018, we received an email from Lake County Engineer Mr. Jim Gills that demonstrates how Troy wields his power.  We believe that Mr. Gills is a true patriot and a man of honor to stand up to a well entrenched politician.  When I asked Mr. Gills why he is willing to do this, his reply was: “Dan Troy can’t hurt me any more.” ………that comment, ladies and gentlemen, had a tremendous impact on me….Why should any politician, regardless of political party, try to hurt a fellow human being?       Jim Gills email 10-9-18

On October 5, 2018, we received an email from Jack Desario, a political consultant working on the Ron Young’s campaign.  Troy spread the word that since Mr. Desario is working for Mr. Young, he will never work in Lake County again.  Mr. Troy, in our opinion, is out of control.    Jack Desario email 10-5-18

We have already posted about Commissioner Troy’s questionable management practices of hiring a female friend and accepting campaign contributions from County employees under his control.  Certainly, not illegal, but it is our belief that ALL politicians must eliminate any hint or perceptions of any impropriety while conducting their duties as a public servant.

We tried to forewarn Commissioner Troy about the dossier that we have accumulated on his performance.

For the Troy acolytes, this will all be viewed as nothing more than political banter, tactics that everyone uses- nothing to see here.    LFC views it much differently, and we will continue to pursue all of the unanswered questions.    Sadly, we hope that a storied career, will not be tarnished by ethics violations.



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