Rider’s Inn Affair…….Troy responds to question

Commissioner Dan Troy responded to a question asked by a Lobbyist member in the audience regarding holding a meeting where campaign signage is displayed.  Please note Troy’s sarcasm regarding recall petitions for Commissioner Cirino.  The first commissioner to speak is President John Hamercheck.

As a reminder, here is the email from Commissioner Troy to Mark Rantala, Director of the Port Authority.
Email from Dan Troy to Port Authority regarding Rider’s Inn Luncheon 9-9-18

In our opinion, this is an unseemly display of power by an elected official. The, not so veiled, threat to Rantala reminding who controls the purse strings is very unbecoming of a commissioner.  This email has caused a cascade of events that, in our opinion, has put Lake County and, by extension, the Lake County taxpayers in a precarious, legal position.  After the election, we will be contacting the various State agencies, including the Ethics Commission, to file complaints.

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