Campaign Advertising….why can they lie?

We are sure that people on both sides of the aisle are experiencing a bit of election fatigue.  The continual onslaught of television, and direct mail advertising may help the economy, but it can wear down even the most ardent activist.  What has puzzled us is how the political consultants and candidates can “stretch the truth”, and in far too many cases, present out and out lies.  Ah, but there is a reason…..

We found this article from the Christian Science Monitor that states the US District Court has ruled “political groups and figures have a right not to have the truth of [their] political statements be judged by the Government.”

Lies while campaigning

Here is another article by the Washington Post on the subject

A ruling was even issued by the US Supreme Court upholding that position:

So who can we thank for this?

 Judge Timothy S. Black – U.S. Southern District of Ohio
He was nominated for the position by President Barack Obama in December 2009 and confirmed by the Senate in May 2010.

What else does Judge Black have on his resume?  From Wikipedia we discovered the following:

“On July 22, 2013 Judge Black ruled that Ohio must recognize the same sex marriage of John Arthur and James Obergefell. Arthur, who died on October 22, 2013[5] of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Obergefell were married in Maryland, where same-sex marriage is recognized, in a ceremony on an airplane on the airport tarmac. The ruling meant the pair can be buried next to each other in Arthur’s family plot, located at a cemetery that only allows descendants and spouses. Black reasoned that because Ohio recognizes out-of-state heterosexual marriages that would be prohibited in Ohio, such as marriages between first cousins or minors – including those who married outside Ohio for the sole purpose of evading its marriage laws – the state cannot single out homosexual marriages as the sole category of out-of-state marriages to which it will not grant recognition.[6]

In September 2013, Ohio State Representative John Becker sent a letter to his fellow state legislators asking them to initiate impeachment proceedings against Judge Black.[7] On December 23, 2013, Black ordered Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages from other states on death certificates, deeming Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.”[8]

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  1. And I believe district court judges can serve as long as they like, much like the United States Supreme Court. SCOTUS is the highest court, but federal judges pretty much have life terms as well. This is the reason the SENATE was always the target for Trump team. The good guys need to own the Senate so that all judges nominated by Trump will be approved. Cleaning out the judicial system…for what I wonder? 🙂

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