Lake County Investment Portfolio……no problem, its only money…

While we attended the Commissioners’ meeting today, we heard a review of the County investment portfolio.  We thought the citizens might be interested in the statistics.

Here is the report submitted by Meeder Investment Management:

Lake County 3rd Qtr Investment Review

We have ~$157.9 million (55.3%) in cash in our portfolio, and $126.7 (44.7%) million in securities.

The securities have a weighted average maturity of 1.98 years and the yield is 1.80%.

We have $71.8 million (56.2%) that will mature in 1-2 years and $55.8 million (43.8%) that will mature in 3 – 5 years.

This tells me that the $71.8 million will be used for cash flow – meeting the cash needed to cover County expenses, and the $55.8 million is reserve cash since it would not be available for at least 3 years.

We have sent an email to Lorraine Fende the Lake County Treasurer asking for the estimated annual investment income for the County.

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