Possible Reduction in Taxes……. reduce gov’t spending?….

At a recent Commissioners’ meeting, Commissioner Troy took a “verbal swipe” at incoming Commissioner Ron Young and existing Commissioner Jerry Cirino.  Troy was incensed that Young, supported by Cirino,  hammered Troy for supporting the large sales tax increase in 2012.   In the interest of total fairness, Commissioner Troy did support a reduction in the property tax inside millage at the same time.  The sales tax increase was to generate ~$20 million per year and the reduction in inside millage (property taxes you do not get to vote on) was reduced by ~$8 million per year.

I spoke to the Lake County Finance director, and although the sales tax is bringing in ~$20 million additional revenue, when adjusted for inflation it is far less.  In spite of the robust economy that we are supposed to be experiencing, the sales tax revenues have not increased substantially.  One possible factor is the aging population of Lake County, and the lack of disposable income by seniors.

The year 2012 was a significant year for Commissioner Troy.  He decided to run for State Representative in that year, but had to drop out and support John Rogers with a $10,000 donation to the ‘Friends of Rogers’ campaign, because he failed to dispose of $42,618.91 to the Lake County Governance Education Fund on a timely basis.

In any event, we do not expect the Commissioners to reduce the sales tax % or the inside millage any time soon.  They say the budget is tight, and expenses will probably increase due to the new administration building, although it was built with the intent of reducing government expenditures.  Time will tell if there will be a reduction in government spending….lolololol…..yeah right….

Thanks to our Painesville Lobbyist for this article in the Gazette that mentioned the possible sales tax reduction.


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