November 6th Elections Results

We thought that we would review the results of the recent November 6th elections as it pertained to the property and income tax issues.  Quite frankly, looking at the results we can see  we did not fare too well in our messaging to the taxpayers. 

There were 14 issues dealing with property taxes and one dealing with a local income tax.  Of the 14 issues, 10 were renewals, 2 were new levies, and 1 was a renewal with a new component.

There were 13 property tax issues that passed and only one went down to defeat. (Lakeland Community College).  The Willowick income tax was soundly defeated by the voters.

Here is a recap of the final votes from the Lake County Board of Election’s website: 
Lake County November 6th Election Results – Levies

Here is our summary of the election results:
Results of November 6 2018 election

Unfortunately, taxpayers still do not realize that using the property taxes for funding public schools is not sustainable, and they are pricing seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes.





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