Drug Addiction…….how are property taxes impacted?

In our ongoing effort to review any and all issues that are impacting our local property taxes, we thought that we would look at the issue of increasing drug use in our community.  Our property taxes are used by the ADAMHS Board, Police Departments, the Crime lab, and probably many other governmental and “non-profits” entities to address the growing drug problem impacting many citizens in the community.

We are spending billions of dollars nationwide in treating people with drug addictions, but many Americans find it reprehensible to use any and all means to stop the supply of illicit drugs – it makes absolutely no sense to us.  Here are three solutions that we believe will drastically impact the flow of drugs into our community, and make our communities safer.

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******Stop Dispensing******     ***** Build a Wall*****   ***Support Law Enforcement***

One of the Lake County’s non-profit agencies treating drug addiction is the Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers.  We have followed their financial progress for the last couple of years.  We are looking for their support to stop the flow of drugs into our community.

We sent the following email to  Ms. Melanie Blasko, Executive Director of the Lake-Geauga Recovery Center.  We provided copies of the email to our Lake County Commissioners, County Administrator, Finance Director, and Ms. Kim Fraser, Executive Director of the ADAMHS Board.

Ms. Blasko,
We have reviewed your Form 990 for the fiscal year ended 6/30/17, and we commend you for another stellar year of financial performance.  Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers constantly exceeds a 10% profit margin each year.
                         Year                Revenue                    Profit           %
                     FY 2012              $2,514,885              $379,164      15.1
                     FY 2013              $2,549,724              $285,540      11.2
                     FY 2014              $3,196,847              $577,481      18.1
                     FY 2015              $3,998,298             $999,630      25.0
                     FY 2016              $4,116,355              $567,110      13.8
                     FY 2017              $4,526,798              $485,329      10.7
                Totals                    $20,902,907            $3,294,254     15.6%
We have known many “for profit” business owners, who have risked their entire personal net worth in their business, that would have “sold their souls” for those profit margins.
We were wondering if LGRC is contemplating accepting less contributions from the ADAMHS Board, since it seems you have found the correct formula to make money.
There are many other “non-profits” that could use more help from the ADAMHS Board, such as the Forbes House that receives no funding at all.
We noticed that you accept food stamps in payment for services rendered.  Is there a story behind why you accept food stamps from clients?  We, naively, thought that food stamps were supposed to buy food.
From your Form 990, we found your mission statement: “Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers aspires to provide premier behavioral healthcare services.  We strive for excellence through proven practices and for leadership in partnering with community organizations to work toward an addiction-free society.”
While that is a very notable goal, we believe that you should be working to put yourselves out of business, or drastically reduce the need for your services, thereby using less of the taxpayers’ money.  There are three public policies that, if they are not currently supported, we hope that LGRC would consider supporting:

               1. Stop the medical community from dispensing opioids in such a cavalier fashion, and replace them with non-addictive pain killers.

               2. Build a barrier along our nation’s Southern border to stem the tide of illegal drugs.

               3. Encourage local police departments to support the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.
We have attached an article from Judicial Watch that illustrates the routes of illegal drug activities.   Please note the last sentence of the article:  “But Farrell says that “the dirty little secret” about the nation’s opioid epidemic is that it is “leveraged by corrupt public officials” who either turn a blind eye as the cartels smuggle truckloads of heroin into the U.S. or actively help them distribute their deadly product to every corner of the nation.”   We are sure that you would agree that this is a very damning statement of our public officials.
We would also suggest that LGRC adopt a written public policy to ask all local police departments to support the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement in removing from our communities those that are distributing these illicit drugs.
To us, it is only common sense that we stop the dispensing of the highly addictive drugs; we then stop the inflow of the illicit drugs into our country, and support the law enforcement officials, who are doing their duty to uphold the drug laws currently in place, in order to protect the citizens of the community.
Thank you, we wait for your response.
Here are select pages from their Form 990 for the year ended June 30, 2017:
Here is the Judicial Watch article regarding Cartel Territories and Drug Routes:
cartel territories and drug routes

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  1. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and the rest of the site is really good.

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  3. Brian, unfortunately I was. We have been divorced for 10 years. This in no way has anything to do with jealousy or revenge. I left her and we were friends because of our children and working together.

  4. Are you related to Melanie Blasko?

  5. Thank you so much for your brutal honesty. We are going to “do our homework” on this issue and will report to the taxpayers after we corroborate the facts. We also have expressed concern about “non-profits” being just a tax status and not reflecting their true fact.

  6. Lake Geauga Recovery Center . Melanie Blasko is not who people think she is. Around 10 years ago, I believe she was in tune with the mission statement. The last 3 years I have witnessed total lack of ethics and morality. Being a whistleblower I was rewarded by being fired. All because I said that you should not be giving all the contractor jobs to you married boyfriend. Since he gives you gifts and does work at your home. The Cash Cow as LGRC is referred to by them is a sick joke. The money I have seen wasted there is mind blowing. I have contacted Kim Fraser ADAMHS director as well as, Lake County United Way and even spoke to the Lake County Prosecutor. Seems like they don’t care how Tax Payers money is spent. The sad thing is I worked there for 1/3 of what others would have charged and volunteered many hours, because I thought non profit meant just that.

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