Property Tax Time……open your wallets

Here is an interesting article from dated 1/26/17:

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Property tax rates in Ohio range from $850 per $100,000 of home value on Kelleys Island to $4,355 a year in one area outside of Dayton.

Homeowners are billed a half-year at a time. Bills from each county typically are due in January or February, then again in July or August. The rates shown are the full-year bills.

Property taxes tend to be lower in townships. Part of the reason is that townships receive some services from the counties and/or the state that cities must provide themselves.

Also impacting property tax rate comparisons is the fact that some local school systems receive part of their money from income taxes while other school districts totally depend on property taxes for their local revenue.

The amount of tax bills are impacted by both tax rates and fluctuations in property values. So changes in the rates don’t always equate to a rise or fall in your tax bill. Many taxes are designed to raise a set amount of money.

Here is a recap of a fairly typical tax bill for Concord Township.  It confirms the numbers provided in the above chart.  We think we are bad off, until we look at Cuyahoga County.

                                                              Concord Township, Ohio
Political Sub-Division  Annual Costs % of Total
Lake County  $                    1,214.90 13.3%
Concord Township  $                    1,486.65 16.3%
Riverside Local  $                    4,666.52 51.1%
Auburn JV School  $                       197.75 2.2%
Lake Community College  $                       427.75 4.7%
Metropolitan Park District  $                       337.25 3.7%
Lake County Library District  $                       212.88 2.3%
Lake County Financing District (add’l. school tax)  $                       300.28 3.3%
Total Property Taxes  $                    8,843.98 96.8%
Special Assessments  $                       295.00 3.2%
Grand Total Property Taxes  $                    9,138.98 100.0%
Appraised Value:
   Land  $                 50,220.00
   Building  $               404,780.00
Total  $               455,000.00
Assessed Value @35%  $               159,250.00
Taxes as a % of Appraised Value [$9,138.98 / $455,000] 2.009%
Annual Taxes Per $100,000 of Appraised Value [$9,138.98/4.55]  $                    2,008.57

In one article that we read indicated that Ohio had the 12th highest % of property taxes to home valuation in the nation with 1.56%.  So you can see that Concord Township with 2% of Appraised value ranks higher than the State of Ohio average of 1.56%.

For those wondering how to reduce your property taxes, we did write an article on how to file an appeal with the Lake County Board of Revisions.  Another option is buying a camper and getting a P.O. Box, but that may be a bit extreme for most of us.


The following is a comment by a Georgia resident to a property tax article we were reading.  It sure look like Georgia is taking care of their seniors.

Keep in mind, we live in suburbs of Atlanta and in certain counties in Ga school tax drops off after reaching age 62 in Cobb County and 65 in Forsythia County. We have home valued around 500k and our annual property tax is $1,300 per year since I am 69.

[LFC Comment:  Seems to be “peachy” living in the State of Georgia]


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  3. Exactly how I feel about this subject also.

  4. I’ve said this for years…once a person reaches a certain age they should no longer be paying property taxes. Period! It is morally wrong to price a senior out of the home they have been working all their life to purchase.

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