Lakeland Community College…..expanding bus transportation

Thanks to another Lake County lobbyist for this information about the News-Herald article.  Lakeland Community College on the move again.

New structure will alleviate traffic, create safer pedestrian access, CEO says


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  1. The leftists definitely believe that Europe has the answer to a better civilization. We will have to look into the Laketran costs associated with this boondoggle.

  2. A couple things about this article were very impressive.

    First, the electric buses will be emissions free. How wonderful is that? We won’t be contributing to climate change. Except maybe for the power plants that generate the electricity for the buses that are emissions free. It is good that the problems with running electric vehicles in especially cold weather have been resolved. Also, all the environmental issues associated with the manufacture of all those batteries as well as their disposal when they no longer work have probably been eliminated…or not. Gee, maybe electric buses aren’t all they are cracked up to be!

    Second, isn’t it nice to get Dollars from DC. That has a nice ring to it. Almost sounds like Christmas presents. We send our federal tax dollars to DC so that they can decide what should be done with them after the cost of maintaining the swamp is taken out (think payoffs for sexual harassment claims against our Congressmen and/or Senators). And voila! Here is a new transit center! Just exactly that for which everyone had been hoping. Wasn’t this right at the top of your list? What? You are complaining about bumpy roads with potholes and no money to fix them? Never fear, the new transit center will take care of that. Well, maybe not.

    Third, here is more money spent by NOACA on moving us toward mass transportation. That along with the bike and walking paths which are especially useful in NE Ohio for six months each year. Nudge, nudge…

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