Note to Port Authority’s Mark Rantala… on, my friend…

So good old Mark Rantala saw fit to call Lobbyists for Citizens and me personally out in today’s Port Authority public meeting.  Rantala said that we do not know what we are talking about when we say that seniors are being priced out of their homes with the ever increasing property taxes.

Here is my response to Mr. Rantala

loose cannon 3 image

Patriot do not tread on me


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  1. of course

  2. Thank you for your comments. Would you mind sharing this information with your family and friends? We would like his attitude and blatant ignorance of the plight of seniors in Lake County to be known far and wide.

  3. If he does not believe seniors are being taxed out of their homes maybe he should show up to the Sheriff Sale on Monday’s at the Lake County Courthouse. The county sells homes there every week due to unpaid taxes… Many of these homes are owned free and clear, the owners can’t afford the taxes! It is sad and it happens every Monday. Tell him to just show up and open his eyes. That kind of arrogance is shameful.


  1. LFC Rep Appears on Radio Broadcast to Discuss Property Tax Research – Lobbyists for Citizens

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