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You just cannot make this stuff up……Lakeland Community College staff are purchasing meals and paying for tips on the taxpayers’ dime while traveling or for local business meals.  Ah, the expense account is a wonderful perk…..

They just realized that their policies on using the credit cards were less than stellar. They are now clamping down on the big tippers.  So they think that they are being good stewards of the taxpayers money by limiting the tips to 22%.  What the heck were they paying in previous years?

We are going to have to find out what purchases are permissible.  If they have alcohol as a permitted purchase, we will voice a strenuous objection.  No one should get “sloshed”  on the taxpayer’s dime.

From: (name redacted)
Sent: Friday, March 1, 2019 8:53 AM
Subject: Tipping with the College Purchasing Card or while traveling for the College

Good morning,

It has to come to my attention that there are no guidelines for tipping while using the College purchasing card or while traveling and using a personal card that will be reimbursed.

We are stewards of taxpayer dollars and we should be mindful of this when we eat out on College business. From this day forward, limit the amount you are tipping while traveling (or at local business meals) to 22% or less.

Our department is working on implementing a new travel and expense software tool called Concur.  We are looking at the travel and expense policies and will be updating them with more robust guidelines as we get the new software online. The implementation should take a few months, so stay tuned for information about training and the updates to our current processes.

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