Meeting with State Representative Jamie Callendar….

We met with our State Representative Jamie Callendar (District 61) last Friday (3/1), to discuss our concerns about the ever-increasing property taxes, and the impact on seniors not only in Lake County, but in the entire State.

We also discussed the proposed legislation by State Representative Derek Merrin from the Toledo area.  Rep. Merrin is trying to simplify the ballot language of all future property tax issues.  We wholeheartedly agree that the ballot language is far too confusing and anything that can make it more understandable for the voters has our complete support.  Rep. Merrin is being thwarted by the paid school lobbyists (paid by taxpayers’ money).  It appears the schools enjoy keeping the taxpayers confused.  Rep Derek Merrin 2-12-19 Ballot Uniformity& Transparency Act

Here is our letter to Representative Callendar explaining our issue:  Letter to Jamie Callendar 2-12-19

Here are our statistics that show the impact on the seniors in the State of Ohio even if the property taxes do not increase through 2030.  Projections of impact on seniors

Here are our possible solutions for the property tax issues:  Possible solutions to property tax problems

We will be meeting with State Representative John Patterson next week on this same issue.  Mr. Patterson is also co-chairman of the primary and secondary education committee in Columbus.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on our progress.

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