RSVP wasting taxpayers’ money….again

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Thanks to our Lobbyist Mac for the “heads up” on this absolute waste of taxpayers’ money.   Congressman Dave Joyce expressed his pleasure in announcing the grant of $45,339 from the federal government to RSVP. (Retired Service Volunteer Program).

We are adamantly opposed to the RSVP (Retired & Seniors Volunteer Program) paying anyone to keep track of volunteers.  If they want to control the volunteers in Lake County, why not have a volunteer control the volunteers?  Do we need two full time Willoughby-Eastlake school employees getting salaries and full pension benefits?

RSVP gets a tremendous amount of their revenue from the Senior Levy.  From 2013 – 2018 they received $744,925 from the Lake County Commissioners through the Senior Property Tax Levy……really, really infuriating to us!

Here is a link to a schedule we prepared last year.  RSVP Distributions from Senior Levy 2013 – 2018

Here is a link to a schedule showing their expenditures for 2017: RSVP Expenditures for 2017

The Lake County Council on Aging, a non-profit organization, also gets distributions from the Senior Levy [$8,761,793 from 2013 – 2018], and they have a volunteer co-coordinator; and they also use many of the same volunteers. Why not consolidate the efforts of RSVP with the Council on Aging?

If you agree with us, please contact the three Lake County Commissioners and Jason Boyd, the County Administrator, and tell them to stop funding RSVP. Here are links to their contact information: (Jason Boyd)

Here is the excerpt from Dave Joyce’s recent newsletter announcing the award of the $45,339 from the Feds.  Rest assured we will be contacting Congressman Joyce and expressing our dismay at his wasting taxpayers’ money.

“Supporting OH-14 Volunteers

I’m pleased to announce that the Willoughby Eastlake School District will receive $45,339 from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to support the 450 Senior Corps Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RVSP) volunteers.

Established in 1971, RVSP engages Americans age 55 and older in citizen service the addresses the nation’s most pressing challenges, such as fighting the opioid epidemic, reducing crime and reviving cities, connecting veterans to jobs and benefits, preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs and ensuring seniors age independently and with dignity.  (LFC Comment: We already have a boatload of non-profits and governmental agencies feeding at the government trough already covering these bases.  RSVP is totally redundant!)

I’m proud to support this important program and look forward to seeing the positive impact the Willoughby Eastlake School District and its dedicated volunteers will continue to have thanks in part to the resources provided by this grant. For more information on the program, visit”

(LFC Comment to Congressman Joyce – shame on you for wasting taxpayers’ money!  Please no more false campaign statements of being a fiscal conservative – that is hogwash!  Tax and spend liberal is more like it.)


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