Better Flip….a contractor’s viewpoint

When we posted this article
we received the following response from a Lake County taxpayer and contractor.

“I was looking at the expenses for the Flop.  They are crazy expensive.  For example, the going rate for foundation replacement is $225 per linear foot at a depth of 8′  (basically to prop up a building tear out the basement wall and replace to full height)  The typical Willowick bungalow is 28′ X 32′.  I am terrible at math, but that adds up to about $27,000 assuming they replaced the foundation in its entirety…   Us taxpayers spent $77,000 about three times the going rate.  I would really like to know who approved that bill and if they had any other quotes?  Also how much was there kickback?
I am further amazed that they were able to do the foundation work not being registered contractors.  I was once issued a stop work order in Willowick for changing light fixtures without an electrical permit.  Yet they can do over $150,000 in work without the City saying a word?  Sounds like the City of Willowick is complicit in this fiasco, willfully not enforcing there own ordinances?  Allowing someone (we don’t know who) to act as an unregistered, unbonded and most likely uninsured General Contractor…   Wish I could get by with that.
If we as taxpayers are going to pay multiple times the going rate for construction work it should at least end up being performed legally and up to code by legit contractors.  What’s next are we going to find out they were paid in cash using only illegal labor?
There were numerous other items in their list that were indicative of problems.  But just focusing on the single largest expense raises so many red flags.”
(LFC Comments:  We still need to verify whether the contractors are registered with the City of Willowick.  An email has gone out to the City of Willowick, and we will let you know when we get a response.)

We just sent out this records request…….

Good Morning Mr. Brennan,
Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code Sunshine Laws, please provide Lobbyists for Citizens copies of any and all Registered Contractors Lists for the year 2018.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Lobbyists for Citizens

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  4. Like peeling an onion, it really starts to stinks when we peel back each layer….

  5. The more that is reported, the worse it seems to get!

  6. I wonder if “Jerr-Bear still LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this project? You know, if I didn’t know better I might think that this whole flip idea was Cirino’s as part of his plan for revitalization of the West End of Lake County…he did run on that. So other than adding value to the housing stock in the West End of Lake County, which would then raise the property tax revenue (it’s always about how much these government types can extract from the taxpayer…forget about real economic development)…and this Better Flip fiasco…what else you got there Jerr-Bear?


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