Federal Funding Title XX and the ADAMHS Board

ADAMHS BoardThanks to Kim Fraser, Executive Director of the Lake County ADAMHS Board, for a prompt and complete reply to our question on how their Title XX funding is used.

“Each year the Lake County ADAMHS Board invests Title XX funds in behavioral health services based on demand. Those services include: community psychiatric supportive treatment, counseling, crisis services, mental health assessment, pharmacological services, peer support services and employment services.  These funds are contracted through Beacon Health/Crossroads and Signature Health.  For the last 3 federal fiscal years we have received/served:

FY2017           $121,197          302 children   107 adults

FY2018           $120,557          391 children   1705 adults

FY2019           $122,014

As you can see, the Title XX dollars enable us to provide essential mental health services to individuals in need.”

Thanks, Kim

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2 replies

  1. Are the adult numbers for 2017 and 2018 correct? There is a tremendous difference in the number of adults served in those two years.


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