Thanks to our Lake County lobbyists for this information about the closure of Lakeland East.  At least the administration recognizes the need to cut expenses.  The only question is will some expensive administrators be given their walking papers, or is it just the hourly people that bear the brunt of these cost reductions?


Enrollment at Lakeland East in Madison has decreased 43 percent in the past five years, as a result of adults returning to the strong workforce and the declining number of high school graduates due to low birth rates.

This spring, there are 31 students taking classes at Lakeland East. All of these students are also taking classes at the main campus and/or online.

The five-year lease on the Madison facility for Lakeland East is up for renewal on Aug. 31, 2019. In light of the current and projected low enrollment, the college has decided not to renew the lease.

We have notified the property manager and the Higher Learning Commission of this decision. Next, we are working through the process of communicating with impacted students, faculty and community leaders.

Classes will no longer be offered at the Madison property after the spring semester ends on May 10. Students will be able to complete their programs of study at the main campus and/or online.

Our three part-time staff members at Lakeland East will have the opportunity to accept temporary clerical assignments on main campus and/or the Holden University Center, and have been encouraged to apply for open positions on the college’s job board.

Lakeland remains committed to serving Madison area students, community and employers. More than 1,592 Madison high school students have graduated from Lakeland, and nearly 300 Madison residents are currently enrolled.

The college will continue to offer classes open to all Lakeland students at nearby Perry High School, and we will consider other options in the future if market demand improves.

Shortly, we will be convening a team to remove college equipment, furniture and technology at the Madison facility by Aug. 31.