Lake County Auditor auditions starting….

odd job hat throwing

We have followed this story for several months now, and  it has really turned into an “Odd Job”…hey, just saying…..let the best man or woman win, just do not lose your “head” or principles over it……what are the chances it will be a Democrat?…..ok, I know that was a dumb question…(any chance this picture depicts any candidate running for this position is purely coincidental)

Thanks to our lobbyist for this article on Michael Zuren throwing his “hat into the ring”.  Good luck to Mr. Zuren.

Lake Republican Party logo

*At the Executive Committee Meeting of 2/25, it was decided that the Lake GOP would facilitate the distribution of information regarding the candidates for County Auditor upon request of the candidates. The information is being forwarded as a courtesy to the candidates and SHOULD NOT be construed as an endorsement of any candidate by the Lake GOP.*


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