Heartbeat Bill….looks who voted against it…shame on him!



Hey Senator Eklund –       Don’t I count?  Why won’t you let me grow up?

Thanks to the Geauga patriots for this article on the passage of the heartbeat bill:


(LFC Comment: Please note the our State Senator John Eklund voted AGAINST the bill that would prohibit an abortion after the detection of a heartbeat.  We will be asking Senator Eklund his reasoning when we meet with him on March 29th)

Here is an excerpt of the article:

“the Ohio Senate voted in favor of passage of Substitute Senate Bill 23, the Ohio Human Heartbeat Protection Act by the vote of 19-13.  Republican members Stephanie Kunze of Columbus, John Eklund of Geauga County, Nathan Manning of Lorain and Matt Dolan of Cuyahoga County joined Democrats to vote against the bill. 

Sponsored by Senator Kristina Roegner of Hudson, the bill would prohibit an abortion of unborn children with a detectable heartbeat.  A series of amendments to add exceptions and expand abortions under the bill were tabled.”



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  1. Thank you for the input….

  2. I talked with Senator Eklund after his vote prevented the overturn of the Kasich veto on the previous Heartbeat Bill. He gave me two reasons for voting no. I am assuming that those are still his reasons, but I have not yet tried to confirm that. I have a meeting with him on April 1 to discuss this.

    His reasons were: 1) that passage would be blocked by a court order and that it would result in an expensive court battle which we would ultimately lose because in his opinion it would be deemed unconstitutional, and 2) it doesn’t contain an exception for incest and rape.

    I don’t agree with his reasons, but am reporting what he told me during our conversation back in early January.

  3. You would think that he would at least tell his constituents why he voted against the bill. I think that he owes us that.

  4. Senator Eklund has betrayed those of us who voted for him because of his pro-life stand.

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