Living Under the Dark Cloud of Luciferianism…the warning signs are here

Divided flag of the United States

As we attend meeting after meeting on illegal immigration in Lake County, we cannot help but wonder about the critical thinking skills of many of our fellow Lake County residents.  We have been unable to arrive at the answer why our fellow citizens want to destroy our country.  Sorry, but many patriots thorough-out Ohio are starting to push back, and will not sit back and accept this evil ideology that is being thrust on unsuspecting, and far too trusting, Americans.

Here is an article that should alarm you….

We are currently not only in a cultural war, but a spiritual war as well.  Although we do not claim to have the gift of prophecy, we can see citizens starting to choose what side they are on, and we fear that there will not be a very happy ending for anyone.

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  1. A 59 year old woman was stabbed to death in San Jose, California by an illegal immigrant gang member who had been arrested multiple times. ICE had requested that he be detained NINE times but under California’s sanctuary laws, there was no cooperation from the state and he was released.


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