Sex Ed in the classroom…..would you believe what they are teaching?

We highly recommend that ALL interested residents so that you can hear what modern “educators” think is appropriate to teach your young children.  Our guess is that you will be SHOCKED! (think pornography and perversion)

shocked look image

Comprehensive Sexual Education in Our Schools Town Hall 
Hosted by Ohio Value Voters and Sarah Fowler
March 28, 2019 6:30 – 8:30 PM
2794 State Route 307 Austinburg, OH 44010

Here is a link to Sarah Fowler’s Facebook page:

Here is an excerpt from a recent Right to Life memo that was sent to us dealing with the sexual education in the classroom.

“During hearings on life issues in both chambers, Democrat members have brought up ideas regarding pushing for eliminating the teaching of sexual abstinence (sexual risk avoidance) in public school Health classes in favor of “comprehensive” (condom-based, or sexual risk reduction) sex ed. Many people, including legislators, don’t have a clear idea of what “comprehensive” sex ed really is: teaching minor schoolchildren how to negotiate for “mutually-agreeable” sexual intimacy including condom use. Given both the inappropriate nature of such training, and the failure rate of prophylactics regarding disease and pregnancy, pro-life advocates should pay very close attention to this effort to drive young people toward Planned Parenthood’s propaganda as it will undoubtedly be brought up in legislation and amendments as the Assembly moves forward.”

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