Using Ohio’s Open Meeting Laws to Combat Corruption…..

We are pleased to announce that a premier Portage County community activist, Brian Ames, will be conducting a meeting at the Auburn Career Center on Wednesday, April 24th, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Seated is limited….you can get your free admission ticket from Eventbrite…here is the link.

Brian will be joined by attorney Warner Mendenhall in providing local activists with knowledge about the Ohio Sunshine Laws, Ohio’s Open Meetings Act, and the Federal Freedom of Information Act to battle corruption at all levels of government.

Frivolous Sunshine? Using the Open Meetings Act to Battle Corruption

Brian Ames tells how, after observing a violation of the Open Meetings Act by the Portage County Board of Commissioners in imposing a sales tax increase, he resolved to restore sunshine to local government. He will describe how the judicial system has acted to thwart his efforts leading to the appeal he will be arguing on April 30 that resulted from a retired visiting judge’s attempted retaliation.

He will discuss some of the bizarre findings made by that judge including: Monday is Thursday, Tuesday is also Thursday, 8:30am is 9:30am, and notices of special meetings are not required if no news media has requested them. Ames will then discuss the salient issues of five additional appeals he has pending in the 11th District Court of Appeals.

Warner Mendenhall  will discuss the use of public records and public meetings litigation to hold local and state governments accountable.  H will discuss federal FOIA in a limited way.



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