LCC…active shooter hoax…more debt..

Some scary times at Lakeland Community College….

Wonder what the new security measures will cost?  Could be significant if the trustees are contemplating more debt to pay for the measures.  Here is the Mr. Beverage’s note to the staff about the incident.

Morris’ Musings


About a month ago, our campus was the subject of an active shooter hoax call to the City of Kirtland’s Police Department. Their dispatcher held the caller on the line for about 18 minutes while our campus went through a complete lockdown. The investigation into the call continues.

Following that incident, many of you shared your experiences and observations with me. While the events of that evening were still fresh in our minds, we engaged a risk assessment consultant who specializes in college preparedness to meet with our police department, as well as facilities management and others, to evaluate areas for improvement.

Based upon that assessment and the observations shared, we will be addressing both our procedures and physical structures to better ensure the safety of all. This week, the college’s trustees will be considering the issuance of debt to allow us to accelerate security improvement plans already underway, as well as other areas which might be identified by our consultant.

As we develop any changes to be made to protocols or facilities, I will share those which may impact us collectively, if sharing such information does not compromise safety.

Thank you again for sharing your experiences to help us improve our emergency procedures.

As always, thanks for all you do to impact lives through learning.


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  1. When you think about how long threats have been coming into schools, did Lake county just happen to wake up? Or are they going to try and use the incident to get farther into our pockets? These ideas should have been incorporated into the (now completed?)building plans. The total ignorance of our educated leaders for current and future operating costs, is the best example of why our schools at any level basically do not work!

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