Lakeland Community College…it’s student housing or bust…

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Now what could go wrong here????

Looks like the Lakeland Community College trustees are moving forward on the student housing on campus.  If you were wondering what a local community college needs with student housing? —– we were also scratching our head in bewilderment…There has definitely been “mission creep” from the original purpose of a low cost community college.  Well, when you can extract $20 million annually from the local taxpayers lots of things can change.  Here is an excerpt from their on-line newsletter:

Student Housing Update:

Lakeland Community College is continuing to move forward with plans to offer student housing on campus starting August 2021.  Studies show that students who live on campus are more engaged, and therefore more likely to complete their college education, leading to higher graduation rates.

The college initially planned for an August 2020 opening, but recently extended the timeline to ensure that the project costs will be completely funded by Beyond Owners Group, the nonprofit group that will own and operate the residence hall.

“Working with the owner and the developer, it is critical to ensure that no college funds or taxpayers dollars will be used to build or operate Lakeland’s student housing,” said Mike Mayher, executive Vice-President and Treasurer.

The four story residence hall will be located on the northeastern portion of the campus.  It will offer 350 beds in primarily two and four bedroom apartments with separated bedrooms and shared living spaces and bathrooms.  Construction is to begin in Spring 2020 and be completed by August 2021.


(LFC Comments: Notice that Mr. Mayher went out of his way to say that no college funds or taxpayers’ dollars will be used to build the student housing.  He may want to cover up a bit because his “lack of candor” is in full display.  What about the access roads, parking, and utility costs for the facility. Not to mention the increase in police protection that will be required?

We will not even mention again about LCC playing “fast and loose” with the Ohio Revised Code indicating no dorms for community colleges….wait, we did say it again didn’t we?…our bad…sorry)

There are a few other questions that our lobbyists have about this project:

What will be the effect on Garfield Rd. traffic?

A building on Lakeland property the college won’t own – who will be responsible for the safety of residents and visitors ? Who is liable in the event of an incident?

All this on the off chance that people will sign up to live there. Has any interest at all been expressed by prospective residents ?

Anyone ask who is paying for the additional police protection that will be needed to monitor the residence hall, or the additional liability insurance that will be needed?

If it doesn’t work out it could always become a retirement home for former Lakeland trustees, presidents, and provosts.

Since it appears that the Trustees have gone “all in”……we are betting they will go “BUST”.



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  1. This goes along with the old government adage: “If you don’t like the problems that we have created, wait until you see our solutions.”


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