Voting Records….a little inside baseball

Have you ever wondered who your elected officials are – all the way from President of the United States to your County Committee person. [Truth be told – if you have problems naming the POTUS, then you need to get out more]

Lake County’s excellent Board of Elections headed by Ross McDonald and Jan Clair have an great informative website.  All you have to do is click on this link, and then type in your name.  You will be provided with all the elected officials that you voted for – and maybe some that you did not vote for…..(just highlight and right click)

If you want some real detailed information on registered voters, follow this link:

This form will ask you select a lot of different options, such as party and election cycle, etc.  Once you have created the report a plethora of information is available.  It will even give you information on how often someone has voted.  When you look at the voting history you will need this key to decipher the information:

“A capital “X” indicates the voter voted at their polling location on Election Day and a lowercase “x” indicates they voted by absentee ballot. If the Xs are relating to a Primary Election, it does indeed mean they voted issues only – the capitalization or lowercase X still indicates where they voted (polls or absentee).”

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